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Holiday Small Plate and Tapas Menu

  November 11, 2017

Rose 4

OMG, I'm saying it again... it's holiday time!  The wheel of time seems to spin faster and faster every year.  My oldest son Zachary just had his 25th birthday this month.  Wow!  So proud of him and all the great things that he, and his brother and sister Sarah and Jake, are doing with their lives.  I often feel I'm living vicariously through them.  These last couple of years I've had time to travel with them, and to watch them go off and see the world.  It's also been so amazing to watch them grow.  They have become fantastic young adults and wonderful citizens of the world.  Even though our little family will not be all together this holiday season, (Sarah will be in NY for Thanksgiving and Jake will be in Israel for his winter break), I will get to spend time with each of them these next couple of months.  And, I will be hosting lots of LAFW parties too!  Lots and lots of food is going to be cooked in my kitchen.  I can't wait! 

To celebrate the arrival of this holiday season, please have a look below at our new Small Plates and Tapas Menu. You'll also find a recipe for one of our favorite holiday bites. Read on and don't forget to keep in touch by becoming an LA Food Works Facebook Fan by clicking here or follow us on Instagram at #lafoodworks.

Although our schedule is pretty full, we still have a few dates open for the holidays, so if you're still looking for something to do, let me know. We would love to cook and celebrate with you!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am grateful to all of you for letting me share my love of all things in the kitchen! You give me purpose :). 


LA Food Works presents its new Small Plates and Tapas Menu for this Fall and Winter 2017.  When you host A Small Plates Event with LAFW, you and your guests will work with our chefs on a multiple cooking stations creating these fun and filling bites! A perfect way to celebrate the holidays and learn something new! This event is great for larger groups.  Our kitchen and venue can accommodate up to 60 guests!


An LA Food Works Event Includes

* Hors d'oeuvre and beverage reception on arrival

* Fun and knowledgeable chef instructors to guide you through your recipes

* Private cooking and dining experience at our charming venues

* Seasonal gourmet menu selections

* Chef aprons to use while you are cooking

* Recipe packets for everyone to take home


Savory Selections
Croque Monsieur Pop Tarts
Homemade Merguez with Herby Yogurt
Hush Puppies with White BBQ Sauce
Herb-Marinated Chicken Skewers with Homemade Harissa
Korean Meatballs with Gochujang Dipping Sauce
Mashed Potato Croquettes with Sour Cream and Chives
Mushroom Strudel Bites
Turkey Tartlets with Cranberry Salsa
Pumpkin Curry Empanadas
Spicy Tuna and Vegetable Sushi Rolls
Patatas Bravas
Spiced Turkey Hand Pies

 Sweet Selections
Waffle Brownies with Whipped Cream and Hot Fudge
Apple Fritters Dusted with Cinnamon Sugar
Crepe Suzette with Grand Marnier Whipped Cream  

 Mashed Potato Croquettes with Sour Cream and Chives

"What should I do with all the leftovers?"  How many times have you said that after a large holiday dinner?  You work so hard making everything or you take leftovers home but you just can't face another plate of the same food again.  It feels like it's such a shame to throw food away, right?  Plus, you have another event to go to tomorrow. Well this little recipe can bring new life to those tired mash potatoes, or mashed sweet potatoes.  You could even throw in some finely chopped veggies or some diced turkey to the mix.  Just make sure you have enough mashed potatoes to hold everything together.  It's super delicious and really easy to make.  And who doesn't like fried potatoes.  Featured on our Fall-Winter Small Plates Menu, your guests will think this is not only delicious but fun too!!

2 egg yolks
2cups cold mashed potatoes
1/2cup grated Parmesan cheese
1/2 cup grated Romano cheese 4 tablespoon finely chopped chives, divided
1  tablespoon flour
1/2 cup sour cream
2 eggs
1 cup fine bread crumbs or panko  
canola oil, for frying
Kosher salt, to taste

Mashed Potato Croquette
Mix egg yolks, mashed potatoes, Parmesan, 2 tablespoons of chives, and flour in a medium bowl. Roll mixture into large marble sized balls and place on sheet tray. Wet hands in a bowl of warm water if potato mixture is too sticky to handle. Chill until cold or ready to fry. (Place in the freezer to speed up chill time if necessary).

Mix together sour cream and remaining 2 tablespoons of chives for dalloping on finished potato balls. Chill until ready to serve

Beat whole eggs in a shallow bowl or pie pan. Place breadcrumbs in another shallow bowl or pie pan. Dip potato balls in egg, then roll in breadcrumbs and place on a sheet tray until ready to fry.

Pour vegetable oil into a medium skillet to measure ½” (about 2 cups) and heat over medium-high until a pinch of breadcrumbs bubbles immediately when added.

Working in batches, gently add potato balls to oil with a large spoon or wire cooking spider. Fry, turning often, until golden brown and crisp, 3–4 minutes. Drain on paper towels sprinkling with salt to taste while still hot.


Makes 18 Croquettes.  Per Croquette: 94 Calories; 5g Fat (48.9% calories from fat); 4g Protein; 8g Carbohydrate; trace Dietary Fiber; 73mg Cholesterol; 155mg Sodium.   

WANT TO USE THESE TIPS AND RECIPES IN YOUR E-ZINE, BLOG OR WEB SITE? You can, as long as you do not alter the information in any way and include a credit that reads "by Rose LeBoeuf,, Interactive Cooking Classes, Parties, and Corporate Team Building Events for Groups Looking for a Fun and Unique Dinning Experience."

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